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Galaxy Tumbler Press GS-205B Plus -Blue -220V - Plus Latte
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Galaxy Tumbler Press GS-205B Plus -Blue -220V - Plus Latte

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Mug Press for Cylinder and Latte Shape Stainless Steel Water Bottle -Blue -220V 

GS-205B Plus would be offered with 30oz mug heater that is compatible with all types of cylindrical shape tumbler and mug print, such as the most popular 20oz tumblers, 30oz tumblers,11oz & 15oz mugs, etc. Meanwhile, you can still change the other sizes and shapes of heaters to print different types of mugs and tumblers. All-IN-ONE mug tumbler press.

1. LCD circuit board with colorful indicators.

2. Two pressure screws with knobs that guarantee full-size printing performance.

3. Lengthened heater which is compatible with most sublimation tumblers.

4. Lengthened heater which can print two 11oz or 15oz ceramic mugs once time together.

5. Customized brand available.

Model: GS-205B Plus - Light Blue
Include 2 Mug Heater:

Mug Heater-220V for All Types of Cylinder Shape Stainless Water Bottle 
Mug Heater 4-220V  for Latte Shape Tumbler

Power(240volt) 300W/1.4Amps
Temperature Range: Max.221℃/430℉
Time Range: 0~999S
Machine Size(While Open):


Packing Size(With Mug Heater): 53*48*33cm
Packing Weight(With Mug Heater): 17kg
Certificate: CE, FCC
Warranty: 1 year on the whole machine except heaters.

mug heater for tumbler press 205B plusmug heater for tumbler press 205B plus

mug heater for tumbler press 205B plus