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A3 DinoSub Paper - 100 sheet pack
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A3 DinoSub Paper - 100 sheet pack

20 in stock

A4 Dino DyeSub Sublimation Paper - 100 Sheets Per Pack

12 Packs - 1,200 sheets total - per sale.

This paper has been specifically developed to provide excellent colour reproduction across a wide range of textile and hard surface sublimation blanks. Dye sublimation paper is specially coated to ensure it's dry and ready to use almost instantly after printing.

Paper storage and care :
Leave your paper in it's packaging until you are going to use it and always store in the same room as your sublimation printer.
Printing and pressing :

This paper produces great results with a variety of colour profiles and printer drivers.
  • Dino
  • Media
  • Sublimation paper