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  • Large Size Nature Linen Jute Bag-L-43*34*19cm-60pcs
Large Size Nature Linen Jute Bag-L-43*34*19cm-60pcs
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Large Size Nature Linen Jute Bag-L-43*34*19cm-60pcs

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 Product Information

  • ✓ Shape: Rectangle
  • ✓ Material: Linen
  • ✓ Size: 43*34*19cm/ S: 25*25*10cm/ M: 30*30*19cm
  • ✓ Printable area: 2 sides
  • ✓ Printing parameter: 195°C(383°F), 40-45S


  1. Nature color Linen material: Linen material is higher-end with a heavier weight than burlap, a strong three-dimensional effect provides a vintage vibe. Nature color is classic and also epitomizes the eco-friendly concept of natural reusable bags that can protect our environment from plastic ones.
  2. Elegant shape: Thick linen material gives all edges a stiff and elegant shape, which makes it not easy to be deformed even if has been used for a long time. 
  3. Comfortable handle: The length and width are accurately designed for a soft and comfortable feeling in handling.
  4. Reinforced stitching: Neat and reinforced stitching make it feel smooth to touch. Soft handle straps are tightly sewed to jute tote bags.
  5. Multi-functional: Nature color linen jute bag can be used for many occasions because it is practical and fashionable. People feel relaxed and casual to using it anytime and anywhere.