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12oz Enamel Cup -48pcs
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12oz Enamel Cup -48pcs

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12oz Enamel Cup:
Sublimation enamel cup is great to do DIY, You can exert your imagination to decorate your cup. Perfect for home use, office, restaurant, parties, gatherings, campings, picnics, etc. A good gift for your friends.

Detailed Information

Dimensions: 80mm x 86mm

Coating: white coating

Packing: 48pcs per carton


1. Our enamel mug come with a handle. Easy to hang on your bag by locking clip, Lightweight to relieve you of part of your luggage, Portable and handy for any outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, fishing or picnics.

2. Made of high-quality steel with enamel coating, More unbreakable and stronger than the ceramic and the glass, No worries about any toxic leaching into your drinks, Healthy and durable for years.

3. Fine enamel coating prevents cup rusting and always keeps bright, Smooth surface with no burrs, Conducive to drink flow out easily, Wide U-handle for grasp comfortably, Classic black cup embellishes your home.

4. Just use a sponge with soft detergent to clean the cup, Suggested to wash them immediately to prevent stains after finishing drinking, if there are black coffee stains, you can soak the cup with diluted vinegar for half an hour before cleaning.

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