Galaxy Direct to Film Printing Solution

Expand Your Printing Options, Cover a Wide Range of Products Like T-shirts, Bags, and Logos

 DTF or Direct-to-Film printing is a way to make very high-quality, full-color digital transfers for application to fabrics of all kinds.

Galaxy DTF Solution is aims to offer the whole solution for small and medium business runners in Personalized Garment industry.

5 Reasons Choose Galaxy DTF Printing Solution.

★ Wash fastness – these transfers last like screen printing
★ Stretch – not only do the transfers stretch along with the fabric, it snaps back into place beautifully
★ Flexibility of materials – you can apply DTF transfers to any fabric
★ Very low application time – in most cases, transfer application to a t-shirt is a :15 second heat press
★ Lowest Invest -$3000 to get into Personalized Garments Industry   

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Shipping 1~3 Day

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14-day Refund Gurantee

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Life Time Tech Support


Works on Most Any Fabrics

DTG technology works best on cotton pre-treated fabrics while DTF opens the door to a wide range of choices and is capable of printing onto non-treated cotton, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, leather, 50/50 blends, and more. It works equally well on white and dark textiles.

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The DTF Printing Process



  Create your design using your choice of graphic design software (AI, photoshop, illustrator, etc)



Print your design onto your choice of coated PET film.


Powder Shaking

Apply Galaxy hot melt powder(Galaxy DTF Powder) evenly and then remove the excess powder by shaking.



Melt the adhesive onto the film using a professional Galaxy oven. Ensure even heat throughout at a temperature of 100℃/212℉, 180 sec



Press your design onto a substrate. Applicable on cotton, polyester, leather, cardboard, and other flat, rough, and rigid materials.


Cold Peel

Cold Peel (remove the film gently), then heat press again for curing (150℃/302°F, 5sec) with medium pressure

What's the Difference Among DTF, Sublimation, Vinyl, and DTG ?

DTF  VS  Sublimation

  • DTF Can print white pattern
  • DTF Can be printed on 100% cotton material

DTF VS Vinyl

  • DTF Not Need to Cut
  • DTF can print full color image
  • DTF does not require weeding
  • DTF Printing logos is more efficient
  • DTF Can Print directly onto the PET film


  • DTF uses less ink
  • No pre-treatment
  • DTF is more cost factive
  • Excellent for hard-to-reach areas
  • Can be used on many material types

DTF Package

Galaxy GS-DTF-A3 Printer can easily and quickly create custom t-shirts and apparel. With a low price point and perfect size, this is a great option for anyone entering or expanding in the custom apparel marketplace.

  • 1 GS-DTF-A3 Printer
  • 1 KG hot melt powder
  • 1 GS-DO-001 Oven
  • 6 bottles of DTF inks - 200ml


Are compatible with all GS-DTF printers, and they are an indispensable part of DTF Transfer's new technology, which can be used for printing 100% cotton, poly, nylon, PU, and more!  

DTF Powder

The DTF powder adhesive is moisture-seeking, so it draws itself into the ink of the print and chemically bonds to form a strong permanent adhesive that sticks extremely strong to both cotton and polyester fibers.Instead of thick transfer films, or vinyl’s,  the Direct to Film Process has only two ingredients:the ink, and a thin coating of powered adhesive.So the soft hand of DTF is holy grail of custom apparel!

DTF Films

DTF film sheets work with all DTF printers utilizing DTF ink and DTF Powder. The process of heat transfer of textile ink to the film can be done on a variety of fabrics.

Benefits From Your Offers

Shipping 1~3 Day

Orders placed by 4:00 pm local time Monday through Friday ship 1~3 day!

12 Month Warranty

Life time tech support, limited 12 month warranty on non-consumable parts and limited 1 Month warranty on Printhead

100% Money Back Guaranteed 

Returns accepted within 14 days for a refund or exchange.

Frequently Asked Question

We use plywood for a complete side package, including the printer, oven, ink, powder, film. Therefore, you can start your own business once you receive the goods.

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