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14oz Travel Mug - White - 24pcs
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14oz Travel Mug - White- 304 steel - 48pcs


14oz Travel Mug White:
Supplied with a spout screw cap. Individually boxed

Detailed Information

Material: 304 steel

Capacity: 14 oz

Coating: White finish

Quantity: 48pcs per carton

Pressing Instructions: 185°C for 100s at medium pressure


1. Smooth cup mouth, protect the mouth from scratches.

2. Smooth cup body, round cup body feels comfortable.

3. reserve the heat of both hot and cold water for 6 to 12 hours which provides convenience for people having needs in heat preservation when they are ongoing.

4. The sealing silicone ring can not only preserve the heat of both hot and cold water well but also ensure the watertight performance of the lip.

5. The travel mug with a large capacity is the perfect gift for those people who embark on outdoor work.

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