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15 x 20 Photo Rock Slate - Glossy - 28pcs
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15 x 20 Photo Rock Slate - Glossy - 28pcs


15 x 20 cm Sublimation Photo Rock Slate :

Sublimation blank photo slate with high quality transfer.

Each slate comes supplied with 2x peg/stands, wrapped in a bubble bag and packaged in a box.

Natural slate hand carved with a matte sublimation panel.


Coating : Glossy finish

Quantity : 28pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.

Delivery : If you are buying more then 1 carton, pallet delivery MUST be selected.


Pressing Instructions :

200 Degrees Celsius for 430 Seconds

Apply medium/heavy pressure, press with panel faced towards heat plate.


Item very hot heat gloves recommended.

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