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Desktop MDF Photo Panel-3X5 inch - 50pcs
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Desktop MDF Photo Panel-3X5 inch - 50pcs

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Sublimation Desktop MDF Photo Panel-3X5 inch: The panel can stand both landscape and portrait. High-quality material and scratch-resistant coating.

Size: 3 x 5 inch

Thickness: 12mm 

Coating: White gloss finish  

Quantity: 50pcs per carton

Pressing Instructions: 180°C for 60s at medium pressure


1. Made of MDF wood board, which is sturdy and durable, nonirritating smell, non-toxic and safe.

2. Equipped with 2 pieces of the photo frame stand for holding the panel.

3. You can print family photos, class photos, couple photos, and other meaningful moments that you want to collect, and also it can be personalized for your family and friends.

4. Each piece of wood has a protective film to prevent it from being scratched, please untie it before heat transfer.

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