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Galaxy Mug Cooler -GS-208- 220V - 1set
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Galaxy Mug Cooler -GS-208- 220V - 1set

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Galaxy Mug Cooler GS -208 is the first mug cooler we developed, the users do not need to wait for the mugs to be cool down, instead, then just need to put the printed hot mugs into this cooler and keep working on next printing setting, this can really speed up the working efficiency and make sure there would be no workers tobe hurt by heat. It can also work with any mug decorators if they are willing to have it.


1. Easy to operate.

2. Cooling mugs from 190℃(374℉) to 40℃(104℉) in 4 minutes.

3. Desktop design, does not take great space.

  • Heat Press