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Linen Adult Apron - 40pcs
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Linen Adult Apron - 40pcs

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Linen Adult Apron:
Sublimation canvas apron can be customized with any picture that you like.

Detailed Information:
Material: linen
Quantity: 25pcs per carton
Pressing Instructions: 215°C for 45s at heavy pressure, press with white fabric faced towards heat press
Warm tips: Preheating for 5s to dry out the moisture before printing

1. A large pocket in the front middle of the apron for easy holding kitchen bottles, grill slips, recipe cards, etc.
2. The neckband is adjustable, so you can make the apron high or low neck according to your needs.
3. Long enough waist tie makes your wearing so easy. Suitable for different body shapes, whether a man or a woman, child or adult.

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