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Linen Sack Small 30*40CM-100pcs
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Linen Sack Small 30*40CM-100pcs

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Sublimation Linen Sack Small-100pcs

Sublimation blank linen sack with high quality transfer.

Linen Xmas Sack :


Sublimation Linen Sack which can be customized with any picture which you like.


Made of high quality Linen material.Great gift for XMAS.With sublimation paper and


ink to print the image.


Size: 30*40cm

Quantity : 100pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.



Pressing Instructions :


180 Degrees Celsius for 120 Seconds


Apply medium pressure, press with panel faced towards the products.



  • Linen blank Sack
  • mugs
  • Sack
  • Sublimation Blank Linen Sack
  • Sublimation Linen Sack
  • Sublimation XMAS sack
  • XMAS Sack