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Linen shopping bag-36X39cm -100pcs
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Linen shopping bag-36X39cm -100pcs

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Linen shopping bag:
Sublimation Linen shopping bag is an ideal bag, which is able to satisfy daily needs.

Detailed Information:
Size: 39X36cm
Quantity: 80pcs per carton
Pressing Instructions: 215°C for 45S at heavy pressure
Warm Tips: Preheating for 5s to dry out the moisture

1. Neat and reinforced stitching make it feel smooth to touch. Soft handle straps are tightly sewn to it.
2. High-quality linen material for sublimation printing, with lining inside the bag. Sublimation blank linen shopping bag with the high-quality transfer.
3. Linen shopping bag can be used for many occasions because it is practical and fashionable. People feel relaxed and casual to use it anytime and anywhere.

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