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Mason Jar Matte -36pcs
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Mason Jar Matte -36pcs

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Mason Jar Matte: mason jar matte with screw lids, which is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience.

Product Information

Size: 7*13cm


Material: Glass

Quantity :36pcs per carton

Pressing Instructions: 190°C for the 50s at medium pressure


1. Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. lids are lab-certified corrosion-resistant materials.
2. Classic & Elegant -- Each lid is expertly designed with ease of use and storage security in mind; the included lids seal tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close.
3. Versatile & Multipurpose -- Use for baby food, jam or jelly, spices, honey, and cosmetics. Perfect for wedding favors, party favors or other homemade gifts.
4. Suitable for decorations and crafts -- Use the mason jars to make unique creations and gifts. You can paint and decorate the classic canning jars however you want and use them to create party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jelly jars as a unique and personal gift.
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