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MDF Mirror Flower Shape - 50pcs
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MDF Mirror Flower Shape - 50pcs

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Sublimation MDF Mirror Flower Shape:

Every girl has a princess dream, if you have a daughter, what gift will you bring for her on some special days? A funny personalized mirror will be a good expression for your love, to light her up and make her smile.

Size : 22.5*13.5CM

Shape: Flower Shape

Coating: White gloss finish

Quantity : 50pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.

Pressing Instructions: 180°C for 70s at medium pressure, press with panel facing towards heat plate.

1. Flower shape mirror, very cute and unique, which will make you distinguished.

2. Equipped with a hole at the bottom of the mirror for easy hanging.

3. High-quality fade and scratch-resistant coating.


  • DIY printing mirror
  • hardboard mirror
  • Heat transfer mirror
  • MDF kids mirror
  • Sublimation kids mirror