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  • Neoprene Slip-On Can Cooler - Fits 12oz Can White - 200pcs
Neoprene Slip-On Can Cooler - Fits 12oz Can White - 200pcs
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Neoprene Slip-On Can Cooler - Fits 12oz Can White - 200pcs

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Sublimation Neoprene Slip-On Can Cooler:

The sublimation blank slim can cooler fits with 12oz cola can keep your can cool. When you hold the can just be taken out from the fridge, but this can cooler on it, your hands won't feel cold. New higher density material with a soft touch and better printing result. Their colors are optional: white, neon green, and neon pink.

Detailed Information

Material: Neoprene



Pressing Instructions:

Temperature: 180 Degrees Celsius

Time: 60 Seconds

Pressure: Medium, press with panel faced towards heat plate 

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