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Pet Clothes-White-Small-250pcs

Pet Clothes-White-Small-250pcs

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Sublimation Pet Clothes White:
Sublimation Pet clothes can be customized with any picture which you like. Keep your pet's looks attractive.

Product Information:
Size: 18.5*24CM
Material: Polyester
Quantity : 250pcs per carton
Pressing Instructions: 180°C for 60S at medium pressure, press with white fabric faced towards heat press.

1. Keep your pet dog warmer and more lovely.
2. without too big nor bulky, while still being ultra-soft and easy to care for.
3. It's elastic, snug but not too tight, allowing more freedom of movement for its legs.
4. Get one for your small dog or cat as a Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday or holiday gift.

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