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Round MDF Coaster With Cork - 200pcs
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Round MDF Coaster With Cork - 200pcs

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Round MDF Coaster With Cork:
MDF square coaster with cork. High-quality fade and scratch-resistant coating.

Size: Dia - 9.5CM

Shape: Round

Coating: White gloss finish

Quantity : 200pcs per carton

Pressing Instructions: 180°C for 60S at medium pressure

1. The size of our MDF coaster is almost suitable for all coffee cups, wine glasses, mugs, beer glasses, and small potted plants.

2. Because its cork material not only can effectively protect the desktop but reduces collision noise.

3. Made of quality cork with sticky on the back, which is durable and sturdy, not easy to break and soft to touch, convenient to use in daily life.

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