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Sequin Drawstring bag-34X45m-Black-50pcs

Sequin Drawstring bag-34X45m-Black-50pcs

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Sublimation Sequin Drawstring bag-34X45cm-Black.

Sublimation blank sequin drawstring bag with high quality transfer.

High quality reversible sequin for sublimation, Writable to make fun on a sofa relax time.Perfect use for go hiking,outdoor activities,climb mountain,etc. Warm tips: Hand wash please, so it can protect the sequin.

Material:Polyester and Sequin 

Size : 34X45CM 

Quantity : 50pcs per carton.

Pressing Instructions :

180 Degrees Celsius for 60 Seconds

Apply medium pressure.

Link of video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/4kNzN9zk7oU

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