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Square Pocket Compact Mirror - 100pcs
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Square Pocket Compact Mirror - 100pcs


Square Pocket Compact Mirror :
Each mirror is wrapped individually in a small bag and packaged in a white box.
Bright white printable insert panels included.

Detailed Information:
Color: Silver
Size: 6.5*6.5cm
Quantity: 100pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton
Pressing Instructions: 185°C for 60S at medium pressure, press with panel faced towards heat plate

1. One standard mirror and one magnifying mirror.
2. It comes with an aluminum sheet, which is the most excellent printing result among all materials, then sticks it on the mirror.
3. The mirror is compact, lightweight and convenient that can be easily put in your handbag, cosmetic bag or carried with you, allowing you to put on makeup anywhere.
4. This petty, hand-held pocket mirror can be customized by yourself, which is making it an ideal bridal party favor, or birthday present for your best girls.

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