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Subli-cotton Towel 30X30CM -50pcs
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Subli-cotton Towel 30X30CM -50pcs

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Subli-cotton Towel 30x30CM :
Subli-cotton towel, This towel has a waffle pattern. the material is made of polyester base, and with cotton feel. Both sides can be printed. Besides, It is very soft, eco-friendly, comfortable and super absorbent. You can customize any images you like by sublimation printing.

Size: 30x30CM (11.8x11.8")
Quantity: 50pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.
Pressing Parameters: 180°C for 60s at medium pressure

1. Soft, fluffy, and comfortable gauze is the perfect fabric for small babies as well as for adults with delicate skin.
2. Very Lightweight.
3. Excellent water absorbency and breathability.
4. Perfect for bathroom, beach, salon, college dorm room essentials, spa, wedding registry or gym use. The towel set is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom drying needs to wrap around their hair or to dry their bodies.

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