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Heart shaped  Metal Tin - 36pcs
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Heart shaped Metal Tin - 36pcs


Heart-shaped Metal Tin:

Metal Tin with a printable aluminum lid.


Shape: Heart

Size:15*13*5cm (L x W x H)

Quantity: 36 pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.

Pressing Instructions: 185°C for 60s at medium pressure, press with panel faced towards heat plate.


1. Lightweight and portable, also easy to carry in your handbags.

2. Use as basic storage containers for small items in the home.Great for use for containing products such as pills, mints, candies, teas, herbs, planting seeds.

3. Convenient to open and close, seamless edges can eliminate the risk of any messy leaking during your travels.

4. Can be decorated with different amazing pictures by sublimation, and these vivid pictures are enriched your life.

5. 3 shapes for your choice: round, heart and square.

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