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  • Terry Lined Mouse Mad&Cleaning Cloth-19*23cm- 100PCS
Terry Lined Mouse Mad&Cleaning Cloth-19*23cm- 100PCS
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Terry Lined Mouse Mad&Cleaning Cloth-19*23cm- 100PCS

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Terry Lined Cleaning cloth for mouse pad

Terry Lined Cleaning cloth, it is a new material that we developed. The front is the high density polyester, and back is terry lined.
Because of the high density, the color on the back does not penetrate the front. It is very suitable for Sublimation.
For this material, we have the Mouse Pad and Glasses cloth.
It is thin and convenient folding, so it is easy to carry. It is also soft, very easy to clean.

Material:  Microfiber Polyester

Size :  19*23cm

Quantity : 100pcs per carton. Minimum purchase 1 carton.

Pressing Instructions :

180 Degrees Celsius for 60 Seconds
Apply medium pressure, press with panel faced towards heat plate.

the link of video on Youtube : 


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